3 Luxury Car Brands with the Highest Resale Values in 2023

3 Luxury Car Brands with the Highest Resale Values in 2023

There are now more luxury car brands in the market than ever before, which is good news for the most part. The availability of more options has led to more severe competition within the premium-tier automotive industry, leading to both price cuts and better products.

However, there is also a negative aspect to it all too. Consumers generally and falsely assume that all luxury cars hold high resale value, irrespective of the brand. In truth, only models from a handful of premium brands have true resale value. Let’s take a look through the best of them next.


The German luxury car manufacturer has been in business since the 1930s and there has never been a bad time to buy a Porsche since then. Porsche remains one of the oldest and most respected car manufacturers, even in 2023. It also happens to be the leading manufacturer of professional sports cars for motorsport in the world right now. Some of the most popular consumer series from Porsche that hold high resale value are the Porsche 911, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Taycan, and their popular new SUV the Porsche Macan.


Lamborghini is one of the two most well-known names in sports car brands among consumers across the planet. During the first decade of its launch in 1963, the Italian sports car manufacturer found amazing success in almost every model it released. While things did take a downturn during the mid-1970s, the brand grew steadily in popularity and performance again from 1984 onwards.

Despite being owned and operated by eight different companies in the 60+ years since the brand’s inception, none of them ever changed the iconic brand name of Lamborghini. Finally, the brand found stability under the German automobile giant Volkswagen’s ownership. The Audi Group (under Volkswagen) has done a remarkable job since 1998, building further on the Lamborghini brand name to deliver some of the most well-received luxury sports cars ever.

Lamborghini surprised everyone in 2019 by releasing their first luxury SUV, aka the Lamborghini Urus. If you have one, you can sell used Lamborghini Urus models for some of the highest resale value within the premium SUV segment. Other than the Urus, the Aventador and the Countach are two of the most searched-for Lambo sports cars even today.


Ferrari is the most widely recognized premium and sports car brands in the world. The Italian automobile company has managed to keep its headquarters and main bases of operation in Italy, even after being in the business for more than 83 years. Every Ferrari model to date has retained most of the brand’s trademark originality, poshness, unique design elements, and preference for power and speed.

If you own a Ferrari, you know that you can sell it for a decent price. If you wish to buy an older model, just pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and you can’t really go wrong either. Over the years, Ferrari has released several of the world’s fastest and most premium models for both consumers and racers. Nevertheless, the Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari Monza, and of course, their premium Purosangue SUV from two years back holds the highest resale values even among Ferraris.

Own any one of these cars and you are guaranteed a decent resale value. 

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