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Tirupati Helps Is the Symbol of Trust  

Tirupati, the abode of Lord Venkateshwara, is visited by millions of people from all parts of the year. 

Naturally, some services like that of the guides, sightseeing, car rental, conducted tours to Tirupati from other cities and assistance in getting hotel accommodations play important roles.  

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Tirupati Helps is always ready to help all tourists whenever they visit the city. Being a multi-dimensional company, it meets with almost all the requirements of visitors and pilgrims.  

How Does TirupatiHelps Assist Tourists and Visitors 

A multi-tasking company, Tirupati Helps is engaged in multiple service areas primary among them being conducting trips, providing cars, facilitating ticketing for air, bus and trains and also booking hotel accommodations for the visitors and pilgrims.  

Tirupati Helps offer 24×7 services so that its customers can meet all their requirements constantly and at any time that they might need. The company is IT-enabled. So, anyone can directly connect to the company or its representatives anytime via telephone, email or online chats.  

Special Care for New Tourists and Visitors 

Since the company is extremely streamlined as far as its client service is concerned, a tourist or pilgrim would find everything ready for him or her immediately on arriving at Tirupati.  

Their accommodations would be booked well in advance, cars already waiting for them and all arrangements made for them to visit the temple and sightseeing. From a single source, visitors can meet all their requirements. 

It also conducts packaged and group tours for visitors. This is a tremendous benefit for the tourists as they would not have to undergo any troubles for hotel booking and transportation as Tirupati Helps makes all arrangements for the group, large or small.

Tirupati Helps is a trusted travel planner. The company’s actions begin much before a tourist or visitor either single, couple or group sets their foot in the holy temple city of Tirupati.  

Tirupati Helps Services 

  1. Travel Planner 
  2. Providing Holiday Packages at economical prices
  3. Travel bookings
  4. Online car rentals
  5. Online cab booking
  6. Car for sightseeing in and around Tirupati
  7. Cars or luxury buses for long-distance or short-distance travels outside Tirupati
  8. Hotel Booking

Our Unrivalled Emergency Services 

What is most beneficial for the customers, Tirupati Helps also provides emergency services to those who want to come to the pilgrim city urgently from other parts of the country and also going outside Tirupati after staying in the city for a few days at the shortest possible notice.  

The company has now grown synonymous with Tirupati tourism. This makes Tirupati Helps a real friend of all those who are coming to the great city for pilgrimage or sightseeing tours or any other purposes.  

Foreign Tourists 

The aura of Tirupati Helps is not only restricted to the whole of India but abroad also as it has provided its seamless services to a large number of foreigners. This is the reason why Tirupati Helps has emerged as an independent brand by itself. In the tourism service sector in Tirupati, it is a symbol of perfection in all areas concerning the tourists and pilgrims.

Tirupati Car Rental Services 

Car rental is the most important component or aspect of your visit, tour, trip and stay in Tirupati. Your entire activities depend on availability of the right type of car and that too at a comparatively cheaper rate. Besides, such commutations and journeys locally within Tirupati or adjoining areas should also be absolutely safe and comfortable.  

Tirupati Helps is the most trusted company that makes your visit and tour itinerary easy, comfortable and cost-effective through its car rental services Tirupati. It knows your needs for car rental very well and offers its value added services accordingly with no frills. 

This is due to the reason that a visitor, pilgrim or tourist would need a car for a number of purposes during their stay in Tirupati. 

Car Rental for Darshan of Lord Balaji  

Tirupati Helps in Darshan or view of the holiest of the holy Lord Balaji at the Tirumala Temple. Our Taxi takes you to the temple without any physical exertions. Driven by expert drivers, such car-rides would be a pleasure for anyone. 

The car comes at the door of your stay in a guest house or hotel right in time and carries you to the temple when it opens for Darshan. The timing for Darshan is for around 8 hours. Hence, the car also adjusts its timing accordingly. 

The drivers are specially trained to take the car around the memorable places on route the temple of Lord Balaji. Hence, one can have a glimpse of surroundings while moving in a car. 

Get Yourself Picked on Arrival at Tirupati

One can book a car for pick-up service either well in advance or at a short notice on arriving at Tirupati. Here, the pick-up service of Tirupati Helps comes extremely handy. 

Whether you arrive at the railway station or bus stand, the car will wait for you to be picked up. One can also book a car for pick-up service from any other place or locality in Tirupati. The benefit of this service is that the person or persons do not have to wait for long for a car. 

Choice of Cars 

When it comes to type of cars, one can have many choices. This is due to the reason that Tirupati Helps keep well-maintained cars of different types as per the demand of the customers. 

Fleet of the car, among others, includes: 

  1. Sedan: Dzire or Etios
  2. Innova Minivan

iii. Innova Crysta Minivan

  1. Minibus (Traveller): if a group of persons arrive. 

To facilitate its clients, Tirupati Helps makes an all-inclusive charge for the car-rental service. The one-time charge includes car rental, fuel, driver’s charge, road toll charge and parking. 

Thus, the pricing structure is all summarizing. One does not have to pay anything over and above the actual pre-agreed charge. 

Car Rental for Tirupati Sightseeing 

The centuries old Tirupati and Tirumala is traveler’s paradise besides being the ultimate pilgrimage. It comprises a large number of places for sightseeing. Primary among them are: 

  • Silathoranam
  • Sri Vari Padalu
  • Papa Vinasanam
  • Venu Gopala Swamy temple
  • Akasaganga and 
  • Japali

Tirupati Helps provides car rental services for all these places. 

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