2 Top Tips for Improving Your Online Gaming Performance

2 Top Tips for Improving Your Online Gaming Performance

In recent years, online gaming has experienced an explosive growth in popularity. The latest gaming systems boast photo-realistic graphics and deliver an online gaming experience that simply was not achievable even five years ago. Today, gamers can play online in competitive team deathmatches where they fight alongside friends and players from around the world, using skill and communication to beat their opposition. Over a billion people worldwide now enjoy competitive online gaming on a regular basis. It is a source of entertainment and can help to develop both hand-to-eye coordination and teamworking skills. If you are passionate about online gaming but want to improve your performance in competitive games, this article will be of assistance. Two top tips that are proven to improve your online gaming performance will be explored in detail.

Take Breaks and Hydrate

It is of paramount importance that you take regular breaks from extended online gaming sessions. This will allow you to focus more effectively on the action when you return from a 5-30 minute break, which you should aim to take as soon as you begin to feel tired. In addition, this will reduce the risk of eyestrain and will give you the opportunity to stretch out your muscles and prevent back strain from occurring due to extended sessions of sitting in one position. Remember that competitive online gaming requires intense amounts of focus and concentration. Taking a break at regular intervals will help you to perform at a high level throughout the session. Ensure that you remain adequately hydrated throughout the session. Drinking water regularly is ideal, or you may choose to consume an isotonic sports drink that both hydrates you and provides some essential vitamins. Some of these drinks may contain caffeine, which can improve your focus; however, it is important not to rely on these drinks continuously as they may not benefit your health if consumed to excess. 

Fiber Internet is Vital 

For serious online gaming, it is vital to ensure that you have a suitably fast internet connection. Playing online requires data to be sent and received on a continual basis. This includes information such as the position of each player on a gaming map and the actions that they are taking on their keypad, mouse or gaming pad. Put simply, a slow internet connection will cause problems when you are gaming online. It can lead to lag and high latency levels that can make it harder to play at your best and can ruin the immersive aspects of gaming. If you live in California and are looking for faster internet services, search for high speed fiber internet in National City to find a list of providers who will deliver ultra-fast connections. If you upgrade your internet connection from broadband to fiber, you will almost certainly notice the difference in performance when gaming online. The higher upload and download speeds of fiber optic connections will keep any input lag to absolute minimal levels. This can make a huge difference when you are playing games that rely on multiple button commands every second that need to be replaced on-screen after being sent to the gaming server. 

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