The Top Payment methods Used On Indian Betting Sites

The Top Payment methods Used On Indian Betting Sites

To people who are unaware or are not too familiar with the betting industry, it is commonplace for companies to offer their users a wide variety of different payment methods. 

This is due to a variety of reasons, and the ways in which payment methods differ are broad and vast in nature. However, there are a few that provide better benefits than others, and because of this, they have naturally become the most popular options that most people choose to use. 

Moreover, if you are looking to get in on some enticing benefits whilst frequenting at Indian betting sites, then learning this knowledge can be incredibly beneficial. 

Let’s dive in and explore a few of the top payment methods that are used on Indian betting sites.

Credit Cards 

Credit cards are easily one of the most popular payment methods in India

Scratch that; credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods in the whole world. This form of payment is usually everyone’s go-to when it comes to paying for or buying any product/service imaginable, and more people use credit cards than all other payment methods combined. 

Moreover, it’s safe to say that Indian betting sites are certainly no exception. 

The vast majority of people that participate in betting use credit cards as their main payment method, and the primary reason as to why this is the case is out of simple comfort.

Most people are well-accustomed to using their cards to pay for everything, and for most, there is no reason to consider ever-changing to something different. 

Whilst there may be nothing wrong with using credit cards as your main payment method, they don’t gain access to some of the benefits that other forms of payment do. 

In addition to this, another point you need to consider with credit cards is that the transaction process is never fully in your control, and in the end, it is always the bank that has the last say whenever you attempt to make a payment. 

More often than not, this never ends up being an issue for most people. However, if you ask any frequent betters, you will be made well-aware of just how annoying it can be when you are unable to place a bet because your bank has denied the payment for one reason or another, and this is something that happens more often than most people suspect. 

However, all in all, credit cards are a solid payment method that has very few downsides, and even though they have next to no benefits when compared to other payment methods, the sheer comfort they provide to most people is more than worth the sacrifice. 


For those of you who are not from India, you may be wholly unaware as to what UPI is. However, if you are from India yourself, you will more than likely know just how popular this payment method truly is. 

UPI is an incredibly popular payment method that is primarily used in India, and because of this, it makes complete sense as to why it is one of the top payment methods used in Indian betting sites. 

Similar to debit/credit cards, the vast majority of people from India feel completely comfortable using UPI as a payment method, and most use UPI to pay for things ranging from small purchases all the way up to incredible sums. 

Any Indian betting site worth their salt will offer UPI as a payment method, and in reality, any betting site that doesn’t offer this payment method is going to be losing out on a lot of revenue. 

Even sites that are not Indian exclusive are known to offer UPI as a payment method, and if you need proof of this then feel free to view available payment methods and withdrawals from 10CRIC which is one of the biggest betting hubs worldwide. 

However, UPI finds itself in a similar situation to our previous entry, being that it doesn’t really offer any benefits over other payment methods, and in reality, the main reason why this one is popular is just because people are familiar with it. 

That’s not to say it’s a bad payment method at all. On the contrary; UPI is a good all-around payment method with very few negatives.


The internet is still rife with misinformation about cryptocurrency, and there is no doubt that the general public is still wary of using crypto as a form of payment. 

However, the popular saying fits perfectly here; fortune favours the bold. 

Those who are willing to push past their misconceptions about crypto are in for a world of benefits, and this also extends to those that like to frequent Indian betting hubs.

Apart from just offering superior safety, transparency, and speed, crypto also comes with a myriad of enticing benefits that most other payment methods are not able to offer. 

For example, because of the fact that crypto is so beneficial both for businesses and customers, it is not uncommon for companies to offer incentives for those who are willing to use crypto.

In turn, this can mean that people who use crypto on betting sites are likely to gain access to a ton of exclusive benefits, and more often than not, these benefits can allow users to get more bang for their buck.

So, what do you think about the three payment methods we featured on this list? If you happen to be well-accustomed to the betting industry in India, then this will likely come as no surprise.

However, if you are new to the world of betting or have yet to gain experience through playing, you may be shocked to see one or more of the entries we mentioned on this list. 

In reality, the only reason said payment methods are so popular is due to how useful they are, and they all come with advantages that make them stand out. 

Learning how to switch your payment methods between different sites is the key to getting the most bang for your buck, and more than that, it will allow you to have a much better betting experience overall.

Good luck.

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