How To Pick a Band for Your Next Party or Event

How To Pick a Band for Your Next Party or Event

Picking the right band for your event can be tricky!

Do you want a rock band? A pop band? Maybe country and western? What about entertainment? How do you want the band to entertain your crowd?

Just remember to think about your crowd, what they are going to be drinking, and the venue.

Once you have all of that figured out, then you can start looking for a band on Facebook or on a dedicated function band website such as


If it’s a small budget event in your backyard with nothing but beer and some chicken wings, then maybe an acoustic guitar player would work for you. 

If it’s a formal wedding reception with champagne cocktails at the country club (or even better: a classy nightclub), you might want to pick something more electric, like a DJ or EDM Dance party!

How The Band Perform

If you’re going to pay for a band, then there are a few things you should consider insisting on:

  • You must have the ability to pick your own band. 
  • The band has to play something awesome. 
  • The band has to be competent at playing that awesome song that you requested. 
  • They may also play their own music if they want.

The Look of The Band

Is your party running on a theme, like the 1950s or maybe Goth Revival? Are you looking for some retro glam metal with chains and feather boas on stage? 

Or maybe you just want a band that plays unique arrangements of your favorite music. 

The look of the band is important because they will set the tone for your whole event. 

Think of the band on stage as the centerpiece of your party and look around for the band that will fit in with your theme! 

How Do They Sound?

This is, ironically, the most important thing you should be concerned with, their overall sound!

Make sure you ask the band to supply proof of their musicianship that will play well within all standards. They should have a basic website at a minimum, but a SoundCloud account or similar would be hugely beneficial.

The Lead Singer

When you think about picking a band, you need to be thinking about the lead singer. 

It may seem like a silly way to choose a band, but it’s actually a huge part of what makes them “fit” for your event.

Most bands have at least one lead singer. Many bands play multiple instruments, and there can be some confusion on who does what, but in general, the lead singer is the bandleader and frontman (or woman) 

You should consider the lead singer as your most important decision when picking the band for your event. 

The Singer’s Voice

Whether you choose a singer with a higher, lower, deeper, or higher-pitched voice, you need to make sure that their voice fits with your party. 

If you are looking for a band to bring the energy up for your party and dance to heavy metal (or maybe some country), then you might want a loud and powerful lead singer. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for someone to swoon over at your wedding reception with gentle folk songs and acoustic guitar jams, then maybe a female sweeter voice would fit better.

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