Ajgaivinath Temple Sultanganj

Ajgaivinath Temple Sultanganj
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Ajgaivinath Temple Sultanganj

As per the Legend, Lord Siva was given his bow here, known as Ajgaivi, and so the place came to known as Ajgaivinath. The ancient name of the place was Jahangira which was derived from the name Jahnu Muni. Jahangira is derived from the name of Jahnu giri (the hill of Jahnu).
Traditionally Sultanganj formed a part of the great Anga state. In the day of the Mahabarata, Karna, the elder brother of Pandavas ruled in Anga. At present Champanagar, the site of Karna’s Castle is well known as Karnagarh.
Sultanganj was famous during the rule of Pala and Sena Kings from 730 AD to 1199 AD. It is said that Dharmapala, the first King of Pala dynasty had laid the foundation of the Vikramshila University at Sultanganj.
The Murli Hill of Sultanganj situated just on the bank of the Ganga, from where one has to take the boat to visit Ajgaivinath Temple at mid-Ganga.

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