Planning A Babymoon? How To Surprise Your Wife

Planning A Babymoon? How To Surprise Your Wife

Have you heard of the concept of a “babymoon?” This trend is becoming more and more popular, and, as the name suggests, is a way to celebrate you and your spouse becoming parents for the first time.

A babymoon is also a great way to spend some time together as a couple prior to introducing a child into your life—something that can obviously change your relationship dynamic in a variety of ways. While many people think about a babymoon as having to involve a fancy destination (similar to a honeymoon), there are actually a lot of different ways that you and your partner might choose to celebrate becoming pregnant.

While part of the fun about planning a babymoon with your spouse is figuring out the destination to travel to, it’s just as important to think about other ways you can go the extra mile when treating your wife to a special time to celebrate your pregnancy.

Here are a few surprises and gift ideas to keep in mind as you plan your babymoon that are sure to make the event even more fun for both of you.

Pick out a gift that centers you as a couple.

Many people think of a babymoon as the final celebration as a couple before your family grows. As such, it’s only fitting to find something sentimental that speaks to you as a couple and isn’t related to your upcoming baby boy or girl.

There are a lot of ways to go about accomplishing this sort of gift, but one way you can really go the extra mile is to shop initial necklaces online.

Getting you and your partner’s initials (or even just your initial) on a necklace can be a beautiful tribute to your life together and offer them a way to take you with you wherever they go. Especially as your family grows, it can be helpful to have a reminder of the special partner who helps support them, and an initial necklace is a great way to honor your relationship together.

Whether they choose to wear their initial necklace every day or just on special occasions, jewelry is a timeless and elegant way to illustrate your love for your partner as you enter this new chapter of life together.

Find something useful for her as the baby approaches.

While it’s great to find a gift that speaks to you and your relationship, that’s not to say that more functional gifts aren’t a good idea, too. In fact, maternity clothes can be a great way to show that you’re thinking ahead and want your partner to feel fashionable during pregnancy.

If your spouse loves wearing skinny jeans or regular jeans, finding jeans or denim with a maternity waistband can be a great option. Moms can rock jeans just like the rest of the world, and the best maternity jeans aren’t even identifiable as maternity jeans in the first place!

Whether your spouse is in the first trimester, second trimester, or third trimester, the best maternity jeans will have her looking smoking from all angles.

For a comfortable, functional approach to fashion, it’s hard to go wrong with a time-tested item like maternity jeans. From a dark wash to a light wash, maternity wear offers a durable and fashion-forward way to embrace the baby bump without drawing too much attention to it.

Pamper her a bit—9 months is a long time!

Just because the babymoon is a set period of time doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways you can go the extra mile while your spouse is carrying your baby. Keep in mind that pregnancy has its ups and downs, and so it’s never a bad idea to have extra surprises to make the journey a little bit more bearable.

One way to pamper her is to offer her a regular manicure so that she can feel great about her fingertips thanks to stylish nail polish. Rather than going for regular polish, see if the manicurist offers gel manis, too, since gel nails reduce nail damage and can last longer thanks to a top coat. Gel manicures with a top coat are also a great way to complement her new favorite maternity jean, and will also pair great with her everyday wear.

Ultimately, whether or not your spouse likes getting a manicure or a pedicure is a bit of a personal preference; however, finding a way to pamper her during pregnancy is the key, so just get creative if she’d rather not pay a visit to a nail technician.

Expecting a baby can be an incredibly exciting time, but it’s important to remember to celebrate your coupledom, too! Having a babymoon can be a great way to honor your relationship while still looking forward to the next chapter of your life, and there are plenty of ways to make it special.

From picking a great destination to finding special gifts that commemorate you and your partner, there are dozens of ways to celebrate this new time in your life.

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