Kasi Visweshara and Annapurneshwari Temple Bugga Agraharam,Nagari

Kasi Visweshara and Annapurneshwari Temple Bugga Agraharam,Nagari

Kasi Visweshara and Annapurneshwari Temple Bugga Agraharam,Nagari:

Kasi Visweshara And Annapurneshwari Sanctuary is situated on the banks of Kusasthali stream at Bugga Agraharam, close to Nagari, 56 kms from Tirupati. This sanctuary is at present kept up with by TTD. The principal god is Sri Kāsi Visweswara Master, with his consorts Sri Annapurṇa and Sri Kamakṣhi Devi.

Kasi Visweshara and Annapurneshwari Sanctuary History:

When Gowthama maharshi wanted to change over this sanctuary spot of labode spot of Shri Kaalabhairava Swamy as Dhakshina kailasam by uncarnating Master Visweshwara Swamy Lingam From kasi and furthermore to bring Goddess Ganga maatha to course through this kushasthali Waterway to accomplish get salvatron to one who breaks down the Debris of a demised individual. The sage led a yaga (yagna) to satisfy the Ruler Shiva and Ganga maatha and accomplished the Shelters. He embodied a Shiva Longa (which Ruler Shiva Conceded the sage) and brought Gangama through five channels.

It is expressed that there was a little pit behind the Shiva Linga (Kasi Vishweeshwara Swamy) Icon. The beginning of the water in the pit and the water going through the channels isn’t known to anyone even today. There are little shrined developed and devoted to Master Ganesha, Ruler Kaalabhairava. Navagrahas, and Naaga Kanyas (Designed wound snakes and so on) likewise kept in the sanctuary.

Indeed, even today the ninth day or eleventh day service after ones dernise are being led here close to by the sanctuary. Alongside the sanctuary lies the kanchi Kamakoti Peetam building Shram. The Adhisankara Acharya visited this sanctuary and built this ashram in the year 1932. This kasi vishweshwara Swamy Sanctuary was additionally developed by the Samsthanadhipathis.

Maha Periyava noticed Chaturmasya in Bugga Town beginning from 17 July 1932. During His visit there, Sri Annapoorna Sametha Kasi Visweswara Swamy vari Sanctuary was redesigned and Kumbhabhishekam performed on a stupendous scale. The lasting waterway Kushasthali streams by the sanctuary; and five streams (Pancha Ganga) feed the waterway. The sanctuary is arranged on the banks of the Waterway Kushasthali and is situated in the tranquil town of Bugga, close to Nagari in Andhra Pradesh. The past Kumbhabhishekams were acted in the years 1932 and 2000. This year, the Ashtabandhana Maha Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Annapoorna Sametha Kasi Visweswara Swamy vari Sanctuary, Bugga was led from Oct 21. 2013 through 23 Oct. 2013. Abutting the sanctuary, under the direction of Maha Periyava, Sankara Matam was assembled and the sacred padukas of Bhagavatpadacharya were blessed.

Gods in Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Sanctuary:

Sri Kasi Visweswara Master

Sri Annapurna Ammavaru

Sri Kamakshi Ammavaru

Sri Devi Bhudevi Sameta Sri Prayaga Madhava Master

Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Sanctuary Sevas and Celebrations:

Kalyaṇotsavam seva once in long term on Panguni Uttaram day.

The fundamental utsavams are:

• Pradoṣha puja (two times per month)

• Kala Bhairava Aṣhṭami (month to month)

• Kartika-Induvasara puja

• Maha Siva-ratri

Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Sanctuary Clothing regulation:

Lady enthusiast ought to wear a sari or chudidar with a chunni, while a Male fan can wear a dhoti or lungi with an uttareeyam or kurta-pajama. A straightforward shirt and pants are likewise permitted, however preferably men ought to wear dhoti and uttariyam. Aside from these conventional dresses, different outfits, for example, bermudas, shirts, pants, shorts and other Western-style dresses are not permitted.

The most effective method to Arrive at Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Sanctuary:

By Street : APSRTC transports associate all towns in Andhra Pradesh with Tirupati. Tamil Nadu public vehicle organization transports associate numerous urban communities in the state with Tirupati. KSRTC transports associate numerous urban communities in Karnataka with this heavenly city. The city has a wide organization of bury state and entomb city transports. Transport stops can be tracked down all around the city from where you can get a transport to your ideal area.

By Rail: Tirupati is a significant rail route station and is very much associated with significant urban communities across India particularly Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Quilon, Trivandrum and Hyderabad. It is likewise associated by Chennai sub-metropolitan rail lines in North-western line. Renigunta intersection which lies on the bustling Chennai – Mumbai rail passageway, is 15 km away from Tirupati city. Tirupati is beginning stage of many trains including, Tirupati-H. Nizammudin AP sampark kranti express, Hari priya express, Narayanadri express, Venkadadri express, Rayalaseema express. As of late, a two layer intercity express was presented among Tirupati and Kacheguda.

Via Air : Tirupati Global Air terminal (50 km) is the closest air terminal and the following closest air terminal is Meenambakkam Worldwide Air terminal in Chennai(86.7 km).

Best chance to visit – September to February.

Sanctuary Timings :

5.00 am to 9.00 pm

Close by Sanctuaries:

Karvetinagaram Sri Venugopala Swamy Sanctuary – 31 kms

Appalayagunta Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy Sanctuary – 35 kms

Yogimallavaram Sri Parasareswara Swamy Sanctuary – 40 kms

Tiruchanur Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Sanctuary – 45 kms

Tirupati Sri Kodanda Rama Sanctuary – 50 kms

Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Sanctuary Address:

Kasi Visweshara and Annapurneshwari Sanctuary,

Bugga Agraharam,

Nallathur Street,


Andhra Pradesh 517590.

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