I Was the Victim of a Pedestrian Hit and Run: What Do I Do?

I Was the Victim of a Pedestrian Hit and Run: What Do I Do?

Being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian is always a terrifying experience, and the incident can leave you with several serious injuries.

When a driver flees the scene, it becomes a hit and run, and you need to know how to proceed. It’s important to understand the process of returning to your normal routine.

Keep reading to learn some actionable steps you can take following your hit and run accident.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Your health and safety should always be the most important thing after an accident, especially if you were hit and left behind. Even if you think your injuries aren’t too bad or you feel mostly fine, you need to see a doctor immediately. Call the emergency services or ask someone close by to do it.

The paramedics will examine your health and give you the care you need. Remember that some injuries, like internal damage or whiplash, might not be obvious immediately, but they can have long-term effects. By going to the doctor right away, you can ensure that your injuries are correctly evaluated, treated, and written down.

This medical paperwork will be important if you file a lawsuit or get a settlement from your insurance company. Remember that your health is important, and you must do what doctors and nurses tell you.

Report the Incident

In a hit and run case, calling the police is an important step. Call the police as soon as you can after the event to let them know what happened. Tell them exactly what happened, including when, where, and how. Tell the cops anything you know about the car, like its color, make, model, or license plate number.

In hit and run cases, witnesses can be very important. If anyone saw what happened, get their contact information or ask the cops to talk to them. The police report will be the official record of what happened, and it can help figure out who was at fault and solve law and insurance issues.

Help the cops with their investigation as much as you can and give them any extra information or proof you may have, like pictures of the accident scene or your injuries. The cops will show you what steps to take and give you the information you need to move forward.

Gather Information

After making sure you are safe and calling the police, if you are physically able and safe, find out as much as you can about the hit and run. Find people who may have seen what happened and get their names, contact information, and comments. Their stories can help figure out who is to blame.

Also, take pictures or videos of the accident scene, including any damage to your property and any injuries you can see. These pictures can be used as proof in the future. Please note any specifics you can remember about the car, such as its color, make, model, or license plate number. The more information you can get, the more likely you can find and catch the person who did it.

Document the Incident

It is important to write down all the details of the hit and run while they are still fresh in your mind. Write down everything you can remember, like what happened before the accident, which way the car was going, how fast you think it was going, and anything else that might be important. Include information about the area, the weather, and anything else that might have affected what happened.

Be as exact and thorough as possible when discussing what happened. This paperwork will help you remember important details in the future and can be given to the cops, your insurance company, and your lawyer if you decide to go to court. Keeping a journal or a separate file for all the information and records related to the event will help you stay organized as you go through the process.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve told the police about the hit and run and gotten any medical care you need, it’s important to call your insurance company and let them know what happened. Give them all your information, including the police report number and anything else you know. Follow their instructions for how to make a claim and give them any proof they might need, like photos, medical records, or statements from witnesses.

Be honest and exact when you talk to the insurance company because giving them false information can get you in trouble with the law. Your insurance company will walk you through the claims process and help you get paid for the damage, medical bills, and other losses you’ve suffered because of the hit and run.

Consult With an Attorney

Talking to a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases, especially hit and runs, is a good idea for legal help. An attorney can help and guide you through the legal process in important ways. They will help protect your rights, look at your situation, and tell you what to do next.

They can also help find proof, talk to insurance companies, and possibly take legal action against the person who caused the problem. An experienced hit and run accident lawyer will know the local laws and rules about a hit and run car accident and will be able to handle the legal issues on your behalf. They will look out for your best interests and try to get you the money due for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Be sure to choose an attorney with a proven track record in personal injury cases and communicate openly and honestly with them about the details of your situation. You can click for more information on how to get the best lawyers in town.

Fight for Justice After the Hit and Run Accident

When you are the victim of a hit and run accident, it is imperative to take steps to help you recover compensation and ensure justice is served. Be sure to communicate with local law enforcement, contact your auto insurance company, and seek legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney.

Don’t take these actions alone. Contact your lawyers to discuss your specific scenario and to learn what rights you have as the victim of a pedestrian hit and run.

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