How Holistic Marketing Is Essential in All Sectors and for All Products

How Holistic Marketing Is Essential in All Sectors and for All Products

This article looks at why the process of holistic marketing should be recognized as one of the critical business success aspects that should be pursued by all businesses in the modern world. It provides a brief understanding of holistic marketing and shows why it is important for modern companies to include this in their business planning.

What is holistic marketing?

It is a form of marketing that considers all aspects and components of the business as important parts of the whole business or entity. Each of these various sectors or business functions also has its own role to play in the marketing process and in defining and unifying the brand message across all platforms. From logistics and manufacturing to sales and marketing, everyone working for the business needs to have the same understanding of the business brand message.

Holistic marketing also refers to the use of as many marketing forms and products as possible at each of the business functions. Traditional marketing methods, as well as the newer media and tech-driven marketing in the online space, should be used to ensure a full basket of marketing tools to spread the brand and product message.

Relationship marketing, integrated, internal, and social and societal marketing are the main components of holistic marketing and are each specifically used in specific parts of the business or for specific clients and customers. The end goal is to combine all the messages and all the business functions into a well-rounded overall marketing strategy that works.

Why holistic marketing is important in every sector

Every business, no matter what sector it is in, needs to have holistic marketing as one of its priorities.

A great example is the elderly health sector. You may not think that the internet is the place for products for seniors and that these consumers are not on the internet or using social media. However, those buying health products are indeed on the internet, looking and researching. Simply Thick, for example, is a fairly new health innovation and has a holistic marketing process that aims to reach and speak to the users, the medical profession, and those involved in the care of seniors. It must thus be on a number of different platforms, and the internet and social media are simply part of this process.

Another great example of a holistic marketing campaign with a very clear message is Coca-Cola, where they drove and based their entire marketing campaign on ‘Happiness’. Whether you worked at Coca-Cola, drank a Coke, saw a Coke, or even just thought of Coke, you were happy, and it was this happiness widely associated with Coca-Cola that has stuck with the company since the first holistic happiness marketing campaign.

Holistic marketing has been touted as one of the best means of building a brand and selling your products. No matter what you sell and what business you are in, you will need to use the tactics and strategies discussed in this article.

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