15 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

15 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

Weddings bring a lot of happiness. They spread great joy among the couple, their families and friends. Weddings in any form involve several responsibilities. One huge responsibility is inviting the guests to create memories and share in the happiness. 

Earlier, people used to invest lots of money on invitation cards. These cards served the special purpose of delivering all the necessary information, like the date, time and venue. But these days, people have become very conscious about environmental side effects. This has prompted many couples to go green and paperless. 

Couples are opting for digital invitations like never before, including making creative video invitations. But, customizing a wedding video invitation can become complex and time-consuming. For this purpose, having a brief idea about the video before creating it is essential. The aim of the invitation video should be to portray a perfect story. It should be emotional and get guests to connect with the couple. Ultimately, it should build anticipation and excitement among guests, and get them to look forward to the big day. 

Below are 15 creative ideas to help you create the perfect wedding video invitation.

1.DIY Invites

Making wedding video invitations by yourself, with no help from the professionals, is trending. People these days prefer saving their money and investing the time to create their own videos. All these are possible using fantastic templates. There are several online wedding invitation makers like InVideo that can help you do just this. Using these online video makers, anyone can create invitations the way they want. This eliminates the herculean task of explaining whatever they want to someone else. It is also a fun exercise for the couple before their big day.

2.Monochrome invites

Some couples don’t want to make a big deal over a wedding invitation. To make an invitation as simple as possible, one idea is to go monochrome. For this purpose, you can choose any color. After that, the video creator creates beautiful videos. This is possible with any wedding invitation maker. The output wedding video invitation looks very attractive and contemporary.

3.Couple storytelling video

Most couples who want to share their story before their marriage consider this idea. This kind of invitation involves sharing the entire journey of the couple. It includes how they met, their common interests and shared life goals. It can also include the pre-wedding music video. These videos are a great way to build an emotional connection with the guests.

4.Slow-motion invites

One super amazing template that can be implemented is a video in slow motion. Using wedding invitation makers like InVideo, anyone can create one. It will look adorable, as well as professional. The couple can also share their story using this idea. Guests will love watching it.

5.Go traditional 

A wedding involves not only the couple but their family as well. Traditional weddings have their own charm. To capitalize on this, you can include the customs and rituals that are going to take place in the video. That way, guests will get a sneak peek of what to expect.

6.Portrait of the couple

Some couples like to keep the wedding simple and unique. For this purpose, they want to curate an invitation video that is simple, yet attractive. To match their needs, they prefer sketches of their pictures in black and white. The portraits are unique in their own way and look elegant. It never goes out of trend and adds a personal touch.

7.Destination wedding

This idea is quite interesting. It gets guests excited and sets the mood for the party. The idea is quite casual and full of fun. Destination weddings don’t involve too many people, so the video can be more intimate. It should be made in such a way that guests feel like they want to celebrate with the couple.

8.Animated video 

This kind of video style is very simple yet special. Animation, when added to a normal text, makes it special and interesting. It adds thought. Guests can also get all the information they need with little effort from the maker’s side.

9.Caricatures video invites

These are also other fun ways of inviting guests. Couples are choosing to make animated cartoons, which adds humor to the video. It also looks very cool, unique and captures the attention of the invited guests till the end. It can also become a theme at the actual wedding.

10.Seasonal invites

What better way to capture the essence of a wedding than through seasons? This can be expressed through a theme. It adds a lot of color and good vibes. Pick any season and set the tone of the video. For a spring wedding, you can have spring flowers to make the video colorful. Or, if it is a summer wedding, you can have lots of warm, tropical hues. It’s really up to you! 

11.Floral invites

You can’t go wrong with flowers at a wedding! Every couple has their own flower preferences. Both of them may have the same flower as a favorite one, or it could be different. Adding your favorite flowers to video invites gives it a personal touch, and gives guests a glimpse of you.

12. Save-the-date videos

Many couples prefer these invitations. They focus on the dates when the rituals and weddings are going to happen. A separate template is available to put in place if the couple wants to take this idea forward.

13. Plan change video

If the wedding is postponed for some critical purpose, it may become necessary to change the event plan. The couple can create another video explaining this and send it to guests again. Separate templates are available for such purposes. For instance, InVideo offers easy-to-use templates for this purpose.

14. Theme-based invites

Most couples these days prefer curating invites that involve their personal interests. There may be a couple, both of whom are big fans of The Big Bang Theory or some other web series. They can decide to create a lovely wedding video invitation by taking inspiration from their favorite shows or movies. Curating such a video can be immensely satisfying for a couple, and guests will appreciate it too.

15. Loud and colorful Video

Most Indian weddings are loud and colorful. With lots of rituals and traditional stuff, they are fun in their own way. If a couple wants a lavish wedding inviting thousands of guests, they can opt for this template. With all bright vibrant colors,  you set the tone for a big wedding. The content of the video is quite simple and to-the-point, but the designs and the background music make it unique.


Weddings bring lots of joy to the lives of everyone taking part. Thus, inviting guests and well-wishers is important. As mentioned before, many couples are environmentally conscious and prefer taking the paperless route. Therefore, the wedding invitation video must be designed in such a way that it recreates the magic of a traditional invitation.

Are you going to get married and want to design a lovely wedding invitation video? Check invideo.io to get awesome templates for your customized videos.

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