Pedakakani temple History

Pedakakani temple History
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Pedakakani temple History

As per the Legend, It happened that Sage Bharadwaja reached this place as part of his spiritual journey. He made Sankalp in performing Yajna at this place for which he had invited other Sages. The Yajna went in a grand and at the end of the Yajna, they have noticed that a Crow started eating “Havissu” which was meant for Yajna Karthas. Sage Bharadwaja was disappointed and tried to stop the Crow from eating. The Crow then replied that he was called by Kakasura who got the boon from Lord Brahma to have Havissu. He then said that he was cursed by a Sage, so only he attained Crow form. Crow then asked Sage to perform Abhishek with water from Holy rivers and Panchamrutha so that it will be relieved from the curse and Sage will be double benefited. As requested, Sage then performed Abhishek which restored the actual form for the demon and also performed Abhishek for Lord Siva with Jasmine flowers. Hence, the deity called by Mallikarjuna Swamy.

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