Sanjeeva Konda Temple

Sanjeeva Konda Temple

Sanjeeva Konda Temple History

According to legend, during Tretayuga, Lakshmana was hurt during the final battle and lost conscious. Lord Rama ordered Anjaneya to bring Sanjeevini Parvatham so that Lakshmana can be revived. While Anjaneya on his way to Lanka, Sanjeevini dropped on this hill, hence the name Sanjeeva Konda. This hill possesses medicinal properties which heal all types of diseases.
Lord Siva at Srisailam, once decided to stay closer to the devotees for which he first stepped on Nagarjuna Konda and about to place his second foot on Sanjeeva Konda. Sanjeeva Konda then raised a concern about bearing his weight.Lord Siva angered for his innocence and educated the hill. Lord Siva then said that Sanjeevini on this hills will only be effective when you left your pride. Sanjeeva Konda realised his mistake and prayed for Lord Siva. Pleased Siva, self-manifested on this hill.

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