Brilliant Tools to Consider for Your Plumbing Business

Brilliant Tools to Consider for Your Plumbing Business

When running any kind of business, the right tools are vital to making sure that you can do your work to the very highest standard. However, with plumbing in particular, you’ll want to be certain that you have the right tools to do your job properly and effectively.

With this in mind, this article aims to highlight some of the most important tools that you should consider for your plumbing business.


Investing in proper insurance is a must, regardless of the industry you’re in, but particularly for plumbers who, by definition, have to do their work in other people’s homes and businesses. This means you’re going to want the right cover for the work you’re doing.

For example, if you’re working in a client’s home, then you’ll probably want to invest in Public Liability insurance. This is to protect you should you accidentally cause damage to a third party, either in the form of property damage or personal injury.

Of course, there are plenty of other forms of insurance that you might find useful as a plumber, which is exactly why you should take the time to look into your options and how you might want to engage with them.

The Essentials

There’s a basic toolset that any plumber worth their salt should have on them before they ever think about heading out to a job. 

These are tools like:

  • wrenches
  • pipe cutters
  • pliers
  • gauges
  • tape
  • plungers
  • safety gear

For a more comprehensive overview of the tools that every plumber should have for every job, you might want to have a look at some resources, such as online plumbing communities.

PVC Welding Rod

If you’re called on to fix a problem in a home with cracked pipes, then a PVC welding rod is practically worth its weight in gold. With a tool like this, you can quickly and effectively repair the damaged pipe without having to completely remove it and replace it.

Not only does this make the job quicker and easier, but it is also far more cost-effective. After all, you don’t have to completely replace the pipe since you can repair it directly, meaning you can charge a far more competitive rate for the same service and make a larger profit to boot.

Plumber’s Drain Snake

Essentially a flexible drill bit, the drain snake is a vitally useful tool for any plumber to clear a drain, as the drain snake is intended to clear clogs in a drain system. These are only really necessary when you can’t clear a blockage with a plunger, but they’re still good to have on hand so you know you’ll be able to clear the blockage that you’ve been called out for.

Electronic Leak Detector

It might sound a little sci-fi, but an electronic leak detector is actually a really useful tool for any plumber who’s called out to find a leak in a house. 

In essence, this awesome piece of kit allows you to hear the frequencies of dripping water and use that information to figure out where the leak is coming from. It takes a bit of know-how to use it properly, but it’s a really fantastic tool once you know how to use it.

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