Srisailam Temple

Srisailam Temple

Srisailam Temple Special Samuhika Abhishekam

Srisailam Temple Special Samuhika Abhishekam Procedure
Utsava deities of Lord Siva and Goddess Brahmarambika will be placed on the dais. Devotees are allowed to sit in a row. No need to carry any pooja materials as it is already set up by the temple staff itself. All Mantras and Pooja process will be performed at the Kalyana Mantap. Preist will recite the Mantras of Rudrabhishekam.
Devotees are supposed to take Bilwa leaves into their hands, later Bilwa leaves to be placed in the copper vessel. The Devotee then closes the vessel with his hand. This pooja process goes for 30 mins. While pooja is in progress, temple staff will be distributing Bahanumanam to the devotees. At the end, devotees are allowed to perform abhisheka to the main deity inside sanctum sanctorum with the same water. Devotees will be allowed thru the special line to perform Abhishekam. Devotees are allowed to pour the water and wash the deity with their own hands. Later devotees used to touch their head with the deity. After Abhishekam, devotees will have Darshan of the Goddess Brahmarambika Devi. With this Abhishekam and Darshan will be completed.

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