How to Fix The August 2018 GOOGLE CORE Update

How to Fix The August 2018 GOOGLE CORE Update

First step lets talk about what this update was about it was designed to improve user experience meaning make people enjoy time on Google or websites on the top spaces more to increase the profit of the search engines. Let’s say you have a site right now and people always jump off your page what could be the problem here?

The best way to work out this is to install a heat map which watches what people do lets  we have site with no images on this pages so people only read title of the site content then jump off you can improve stay time by adding in an exciting photo such as funny or smart one which can then make them read for example purposes 50% of the content now.  The update was medic update because it was noticed to be affecting health sites this was not fully true it affected all site styles such financial, languages, games, sports, cars, pets basically any niches.

Workout why is the site on the top page of Google better than your site it could be better content than your site, better images, better load times, better design all these areas place a big part into improving the user experience which is what this update came up for.


Contact us, about us page and author accounts were proved to make a big difference in getting a business ranking back which was why on one of our sites affected we did this and noticed the rankings came back fairly fast after doing this.

This may sound over simple to you let me explain why to contact us and about all show, it’s real business not just some made up person running the business which is sometimes how people want to represent themselves but this is not professional which was why Google now wants this on all sites as a whole. Author account again basically tells the search engines or site users who is the person doing the article which again boosts stay time in some cases on the site because many people go onto sites just to read about the creator or creators alike since this interests many people in a large way.

Videos themselves can improve the stay time on a website by quite a large amount as such putting a video on your homepage or unpopular page or post can be used as a way to restore your rankings as well since Videos are one of the best ways online to increase the time visitors stay on page which is something you should be focussed on strongly for getting your rankings back. Remember for this update it’s not one fix all solution you should be trying to work out what caused this on-site basic such as say your site had bad design which was not pleasant for the eyes to see this could have been related to why your rankings were lost or if you included low-quality content in your website as well.

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