thirumanancheri temple pooja

thirumanancheri temple pooja

thirumanancheri temple pooja details

  1. On entering temple, please offer Pranam towards the Kodi maram and then for Sri Selva Ganapathy.
  2. Lit 5 Ghee deepam at Ghee deepa mantap and sit for a while at Marriage Prarthana Mantap.
  3. Temple priest will be collecting all Pooja Samagri from you.
  4. Offer prayers for Sri Kalyana Sundareswar and Goddess.
  5. At the end of the Pooja, you will be offered with Prasadam.
  6. Please have the lemon juice which priest offered to you.
  7. Take head bath after reaching home and drink lemon juice without adding sugar (or) salt.
  8. Safe guard the garland in the Pooja room which you got it from the priest.
  9. Post marriage, please visit this temple with your spouse and offer the garland to the temple

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