Sri kalahastheeswara swami vari temple,Srikalahasti

Sri kalahastheeswara swami vari temple,Srikalahasti

Sri kalahastheeswara swami vari temple,Srikalahasti:

Srikalahasti is situated close to the journey town of Tirupati and is visited by large number of pioneers. This sanctuary is likewise connected with Rahu and Ketu of the nine grahams or heavenly bodies in the Indian visionary plan, otherwise called the moon’s hubs in cosmic terms.


Srikalahasti is a sanctuary town. Its around 38 km from Tirupati, The old sanctuary committed to Master Shiva (as Sri Kalahastheeswara) and his partner Parvathi (as Gnanaprasunambika) is one of the Panchabootha Sthalams meaning the sanctuary observes Ruler Shiva as the encapsulation of the essential components (Fire, Space, Water, Earth, Air), Air being the component here. The sanctuary is additionally connected with Rahu and Ketu. As per the legend, Master Brahma was approached by the Ruler to make the lovely and tempting slopes of Kailasa. As Brahma was battling with the undertaking, a piece fell on the planet and in the south, and subsequently was called Dakshina Kailasam.

The other four Pancha Bhoota Stalams are:

• Tiruvannamalai (Fire)

• Chidambaram (Space)

• Thiruvanaikaval (Water)

• Kanchipuram (Earth)



The sanctuary traces all the way back to a long time back. The design of the sanctuary was worked by the Cholas and enhancements were made by other Chola lords and leaders of the Vijayanagara rulers. The Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagara rulers have made a few gifts to this sanctuary.

The sanctuary is fabricated bordering the Durgamma slope toward the north, Kannappa slope toward the south and Kumaraswamy slope toward the east.

To Reach The Temple:

Via plane:

The nearest air terminal to the city is Tirupati Air terminal, which is only 25 km away. There are day to day departures from Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore. Tirupati is maybe the most helpful base for visiting Kalahasti as it is invested with a few current housing offices.

By rail:

There is a railroad station at Sri Kalahasthi. There are trains from Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kolkata. The nearest railroad intersection is Renigunta and all trains utilizing among Chennai and Mumbai stop at Renigunta. Renigunta is only 25 km away from Srikalahasthi.

By transport:

It requires around 5 hours by street to get to Tirupati from Bangalore. Both KSRTC and APSRTC work transports during the constantly.

It’s around 3 hours by street from Chennai. Both TNSRTC and APSRTC work transports during the constantly.

Via vehicle:

You can travel either from Chennai-Tada-Kalahasti or Chennai-Tirutani-Renigunda-Kalahasti from Chennai(110 km)

Hyderabad (545 km): HYD-Kurnool-Cuddapah-Renigunta-srikalahasthi or HYD-Nagarjunasagar-ongole-Nellore-Naidupet-Srikalahasthi

Bangalore(300 km) – Bangalore-Mulbagal-Palmaner-Chittor-Tirupati-Srikalahasthi

In the event that very much arranged, Tirupati, Tirumala and Kalahasti can be shrouded in a roadtrip from Chennai via vehicle. Be cautious about Tirumala on the grounds that occasionally individuals might need to sit tight in line for one day, because of the running of individuals for the darshan of god particularly on ends of the week.

Sri kalahasthi sanctuary Poojas:

This sanctuary is well known for the Rahu Ketu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja. However there are other minor poojas likewise, the Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja is named a blend of the wide range of various poojas(rituals). So there is compelling reason need to purchase separate tickets for each pooja on the off chance that you are purchasing the Nivarana pooja ticket.

Crystal gazing sees Rahu and Ketu as the main two “planets” which has changing levels of malefic ( some benefic impact is likewise present) consequences for Every single individual. And that implies that the Nivarana pooja at Kalahasti (for eliminating the terrible impacts of Rahu and Ketu) is great for ALL people.

The ₹1000/ – ticket is energetically suggested since they give you “5 star” administration (like holding the pooja right inside the sanctuary). It requires about 25 minutes to play out the pooja.

No development booking by phone or cash request is permitted. You can book the pooja provided that you are actually present at the sanctuary. What’s more, your pooja ticket should be spent on that day itself. Assuming you are specific that the pooja is led during Rahukalam (for greatest impact) be at the sanctuary basically a little while before the beginning of Rahukalam and purchase your ticket from the suitable counter situated inside the sanctuary walls.

Tip: Genuine Rahukalam begins after the authority posting ( fluctuating from 1 or 2 minutes to even as long as 20 minutes and then some). for example on the off chance that your schedule shows Rahukalam as beginning at around 1:30 PM on Thursday, time your pooja to begin at around 2 PM or later so you wrap up by no less than 3 PM.

A decent celestial prophet might direct you to choose the fitting day and time to visit the sanctuary. Ideally, he might choose a work day when no celebration is being led (as the group might be unmanageable at different times). Additionally, check and check whether any visit by high profile celebrities are planned. Sanctuary passage might be briefly banished during such visits for the sake of security.

Keep this ticket cautiously and don’t forget about it. Likewise, monitor the materials given to you for the pooja. Furthermore, make sure to for explanations if all else fails.

The pooja itself isn’t a fire function. You are simply expected to painstakingly drop first some flowers(little by little) and afterward shaded debris on the metal portrayals of Rahu and Ketu while the cleric drones the mantras. (After the pooja, these metal portrayals Should be saved in an exceptional box @ the sanctuary AFTER you give them to one more cleric in the fundamental sanctum and get them back in no time flat). The cleric (directing the Nivarana pooja) will need the names(only relatives) and nakshatras for leading the pooja. Up To five individuals from a family(for ₹1000/ – ticket) are permitted to be genuinely present at the pooja however you are permitted to give a not insignificant rundown of other relatives who are absent.

Pathala Vinayakar-Lord ganapathi in a sanctuary underneath the Earth.

Sri Kalahasti Sanctuary Address:

Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy Vari Devastanam,
Sri Kalahasti,
Chittoor District.
Andhra Pradesh –  517644.

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