Sri Agastheeswaraswami Temple , Thondavada

Sri Agastheeswaraswami Temple , Thondavada

Sri Agastheeswaraswami Temple , Thondavada:

Thondavada Agastheeshwara Swamy Sanctuary or Sri Maragadhavalli Sameetha Shri Agastheeswara Swamy Sanctuary or Mukkoti Sanctuary is a holy Siva sanctuary that lies at the conversion of three aqueducts Swarnamukhi, Bhima and Kalyani in Chandragiri Mandal near to the sanctuary city Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The separation from Thondavada Siva sanctuary is11.2 km from Tirupati, RTC Transport stand and11.3 km from Tirupati Rail route station. The Siva lingam in this sanctuary was introduced by Agasthya Mahamuni therefore it’s called Agastheeswara lingam. This sanctuary points toward the east and has virtually all Parivara Devatas introduced in veritably important fabricated places like Ruler Ganesha, Master Subramaniyam.

The sanctuary has three passages and a fantastic emulsion wall. The Dwarapalakas at the entry of the sanctum sanctorum are faultlessly formed. They stand altitudinous to add glory to the lobby. Inside the alternate prakara, there’s a different hallowed place for Mother Parvati called then by the name of Vallimata. There’s a tank outside the emulsion for the comfort of visiting explorers. The close by city was named Tondavada by the autocrats of Chandragiri, as it was the spot employed as a rest house for guests and keeping mammoths too.

Simply inverse the Aalaya( sanctuary) and in the raceway there’s a mandapam constructed. In this, you can see the pleasurable puppets of Balaji, Ayyappa, Ganapati, and so on, introduced. There’s likewise a little sanctuary of Ruler Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya that’s implicit late times close to the tank. This multitude of spots rate visiting.

Sri Agastheswara Swamy Sanctuary This sanctuary has an drawing engraved on its wall. It’s dated in the 31st time of Kulothunga Chola, yet this is not an establishmentinscription.This drawing might be useful, stylish case script, in drawing the last option line for illustration 1100- 01 Promotion for its establishment. This sanctuary forecourt on the arrangement has an ekatala and a square sikhara among the five feathers portrayed preliminarily.

This sanctuary might be grouped under the kind I addressed by the Irugisvara sanctuary at Yatavakili. The marks of correspondences are the square arrangement and the square sikhara, the space of specialties on the walls, specialties with griva with nandis at the corners.

The main distinction, though, is the protruding specialty on the griva where the sthambha and the kirthimukha are more conspicuous and the arrangement of model in the specialties is repressed, while in the sanctuary at Yatavakili the figure is more conspicuous, the sthambha is virtually missing and the kirthimukha is lower articulated.

The specialty has all the earmarks of being a necessary piece of the griva in the Irugisvara sanctuary at Yatavakili not at all like in the Agasthyeswara sanctuary. This is latterly in date than the Chandramalliswara sanctuary at Yatavakili which, still revamped in the hour of Rajaraja III. It seems to have held the highlights of its unique development during the hour of RajendraI.

In the Waterway close to the sanctuary, there’s an print of Sri Venkateswara( Master Vaari Padhaalu).

Tondavada Sanctuary Uniqueness:

Dissimilar to different sanctuaries, then Goddess Maragadhavalli appears to the left- hand side of Master Agastheeshwara Swamy sanctuary looking like the sitting station of a Lady of the hour and a partner in marriage according to the Hindu strict practice. This could be pictured in utmost old sanctuaries as it were.

Rather than Navagrahas, the Sapthamathrukas were introduced then. They’re Kowmari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Bramhi, Mahedri, Maheshwari and Chamundi. analogous bents are accessible to the individualities who love the Sapthamathrukas rather than Navagrahas. In the event that one visits this sanctuary could understand the sacredness of the antiquated sanctuary.

Agastheeshwaraswami Thondavada( Mukkoti) Temple Timings:

Morning -6:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Evening -3:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Agastheeshwaraswami Mukkoti Sanctuary Seva Timings:

Abhishekam to Parivar Divine beings- 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM

Abhishekam to Swamy Varu and Amma Varu- 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM

Naivedyam- 11:30 AM

Deeparadhana, Naivedyam- 4:30 PM

Naivedyam, Ekantha Seva- 7:30 PM

Thondavada Agastheeshwaraswami Sanctuary History:

As per legends, after Sri Srinivasa and Goddess Padmavati Amma marriage, savant Agasthya advised them to remain in his vihara.

He performed Nityapoojas to Master Shiva then, which is just the present” Mukkoti Agasthyeswara Swamy sanctuary”.

The savant Agasthya did compensation then for sovereign Shiva and caused the wellspring of the raceway” Suwarnamukhi” from that point.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Sri Agastheshwara Swami Sanctuary by Transport:

•A.P.S.R.T.C neighborhood transports to Chandragiri are accessible from Tirupati Bus stop and Tirupati Railroad Station.

• AP Gov transports to Chittoor, Pakala, Kanipakam goes by means of Mukkoti.

•T.T.D runs transports are likewise accessible for an putative expenditure.

• Transports which goes to Talakona, Ramgampeta, Piler, Bakarapeta goes by means of Kaloor crossroad and from Kaloor Cross Mukkoti Sanctuary is simply1.2 km, so you can arrive at the sanctuary by Offer bus or bus.

Thondavada Agastheeshwara Swami Sanctuary Address:

Sri Agastheshwara Swamy Sanctuary,

Mukkoti( near to Tondavada Town),


Chittoor Area,

Andhra Pradesh- 517505.

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