Tattapani Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Tattapani Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Tattapani Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Tattapani Shimla Himachal Pradesh, Route info, opening dates

Tattapani situated 50 km away from the beautiful Shimla is popularly known for the hot spring coming out from the side of the Sutlej river. These hot water springs are known for their medicinal values because of the presence of Sulphur in the water. Also, the bath in the hot water spring in the monsoons makes a great combination. Also, many bathtubs are been arranged by the local shops for the sake of the tourists. This place is popular for adventures and also for some Hindu traditions the Sani dan means the donation. The offerings are offered to the Sani god on Saturdays. The donation is given to the Pandits or priests. Usually, materials like rice, dal, wheat, will be weighed accordingly and been donated to Pandya’s. Also, a local festival is been organized on the occasion of Makarsankranti.

Hot Water Spring:

No, natural hot water spring is available as the dam constructed over the Satluj river, so the natural hot water spring is been submerged under river water. But one can obtain this feature from the nearby hotels or any nearby residences.

F Hotel Hot Water Spring: Rs 350/- per head approx.

F Note: prices vary depending on the hotel type also based on the season the prices vary.

Sani Dan:

Location: River Bank of Sutlej river

Note: Local festival is been organized during Makarsankranti

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